Activity Check


  • Hyuna (4MINUTE)
  • Nana (After School)
  • Eunji (A Pink)
  • Sungjae (BTOB)
  • Nagito


  • Himchan (B.A.P)
  • Ilhoon (BTOB) 
  • Donghae (Super Junior)
  • Saito Takumi

are all free to be roleplayed!


U-KISS’s Dongho is free to be roleplayed.

I'm afraid I'm gonna leave. /sighs/ And this time it's for real, no comebacks or anything. It's been so much fun being with you guys for however long I've been here. Thank you, and good-bye. /waves/

We understand, bb. It’s been a pleasure having you around ; w ;

Thank you for being a part of our family~ Take care, arasso? ; ~ ;


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Posted 9 months ago
going on a 4 day semi hiatus ;; ooc stuff~

Noted, thank you for letting us know! ^^


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Infinite’s Woohyun is free to be roleplayed.

"Ever wanted to be a part of your own fairytale? Create your own in which you and your destined partner are the main characters? Grip the chance, and with our pairing system we shall work together to find your perfect match; join Dream Land! " Hey, we're a new rp and we were wondering if you'd like to affiliate with us.

Of course! Go check them out guys ^^


Hello! This is neko-woohyun. I have to leave because of OOC schedules are getting busy and I have no time to log in anymore. Thank you for having me here. It was fun!

We understand, thank you for letting us know! 

It was a pleasure having you here and having you part of the family! Take care, Woohyun! ^^


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Oh boy, three weeks since the directory was last updated > <

Mian, I’ve been busy with OOC things. But I’m here now at 2:35am \O/ to get things updated again. And to do an activity check! is it bad that im scared u . u

Neko Nana is here! →

After School’s Nana is reserved for three days!

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DBSK/JYJ’s Junsu is reserved for three days!

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